1. Information Centre - Library

The library was founded with donations given to the sociologist and founder of Gender Studies, Jiřina Šiklová, by her colleagues from abroad, which she decided to make available to the public. From very the beginning of the organisation’s history, the library had more books on gender studies and related topics than Charles University.

During this period, a database of women’s and gender organisations and supporters was began to be developed.

2. Educational activities

GS was a key player in the introduction of gender studies education at Czech universities. The first programme of lectures and discussions began in autumn 1992 at Charles University. In the winter semester of 1993-94, the programme began at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, and it was also approved at universities in Brno and Olomouc. Although gender studies courses were approved as regular courses by the universities, they were always fully organized and funded by the non-profit organisation, Gender Studies.

In the organisation itself, various seminars, roundtables and lectures were held regularly and developed into the tradition of “Tuesdays with Gender” (regular lectures for the public organized under this title since 1997).

3. Work with the public and the media

Media formerly described the issue of equal opportunities for women and men as exotic, marginal, controversial, or even decadent in the “Western” sense. Gender Studies did not, at that time, work strategically with mainstream media; it preferred to cooperate with independent media. This resulted in the publication of the monothematic gender-focused Philosophical Magazine and Sociological Magazine.

4. Selected conferences and seminars

International conference on emerging women’s organisations in Eastern Europe (Jíloviště u Prahy) - co-organized by Gender Studies and FrauenAnstiftung, Hamburg.

Women in Prague since the Middle Ages until the 20th century (Prague) - co-organized by Gender Studies, Archives of the Capital City of Prague and Prague Spring Foundation.

International conference East-East Gender Studies Inspirations (Liblice) - Gender Studies was the main organizer.

Women and Socialism (Průhonice u Prahy) - co-organized by Gender Studies and proFem.

Politics with or without women? (Praha) - Gender Studies was the main organizer.