Current Projects

Stop gender based cyberviolence

The project deals with a current issue of cyberviolence and still underestimated gender dimension, furthermore focuses on insufficiencies in approaches to the victims and help that is provided by law enforcement officers. Through research and analysis of the current situation, the project will contribute in providing particular recommendations of how to improve and make the help to the victims of violence more efficient and help to decrease the evidence of any violence on women and men. The recommendations will be delivered to the policy makers and direct help providers, police bodies, lawyers, judges etc.

Economic Impacts of Motherhood from a Lifelong Perspective

Quantification of lifelong economic impacts of motherhood on women and identification of their causes will lead to revision of relevant public policies and employer practices. Recommendations will be targeted at decision-makers and the public with the goal of minimalizing these negative impacts on women. 

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Promotion of Women’s Career Growth

The aim of the project is to promote women’s career growth and to offer legal consultancy to women discriminated against at the labor market based on their gender. Project activities focus on education, personal development and motivation of women aspiring to decision-making positions, including 50+ women and women on maternal/parental leave. Other target groups are employers (motivating them to systematically work on the development of female talents among their employees) and lay public (informing them about the problem of glass ceiling women often face in their career growth).

Promote Equal Pay to Diminish Pension Gap, Poverty and Social Exclusion

Project aims to promote equal pay for work of equal value as a basic instrument to diminish differences in later stage of life and in pensions of men and women. Widening of the perspective on GPG is one of the project goals. Inovativennes of the project is in this new perspective on impact of GPG to later stage of life, mainly bearing in the mind ongoing pensions reform in many EU member countries.  Complex perspective on GPG is necessary to be promoted to have possibility to ensure future prosperity of men and women.

Edited: 4.2.15 10:38