Gender Studies, o.p.s. is a non-governmental non-profit organisation that has performed the function of an information, consultation and education centre in the area of relations between women and men and their position in society. The goal of the organisation is to gather, analyze, work with and disseminate further information related to gender-relevant issues. Via specific project, GS actively influences change concerning equal opportunities in different areas such as institutional mechanisms, labour market, women’s political participation, information technologies etc. GS also runs a library covering variety of publications and materials related to feminism, gender studies, women’s and men’s rights etc.


Announcement of Results of the Company of the Year: Equal Opportunities 2012

(18. 10. 2012) - COMPANY OF THE YEAR: EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES has been awarded by the Gender Studies NGO since 2004. The goal of the competition is to motivate companies to view equal opportunities as an important principle of corporate development and employee growth and to apply it in their HR policies. Gender Studies offers experience and specialized consulting services in this area. The results of the awards competition 2012 were announced at a Gender Studies conference "Balancing Work and Care: NEW PERSPECTIVES," held on October 18, 2012 at the premises of the last year's winner Česká spořitelna, a.s., in Rytířská Street in Prague.

Czech Republic! Who Do You Help?

(11. 8. 2012) - According to the law enacted in 2010, the primary goal of the Czech Development Assistance (DA) shall be contributing to poverty eradication via pursuing sustainable development in the partner countries. A bit more than 4, 3 billion CZK (nearly 166 million EUR) is allocated yearly towards DA in the Czech National budget. A large part of these resources is remitted to various International Organizations and only one tenth of the resources is used for direct cooperation with the partner countries. Though, the bilateral development projects are rather important as they are the most visible part of the Czech DA, and Czech actors play a robust and pronounced role in them. Gender aspects of the Czech Bilateral DA became the focus of a research initiated within CONNECT, the EU funded project (in the CR coordinated by Gender Studies).