Gender Studies Mission Statement

We will not leave until there is geuine equality between men and women.

The goal of the Gender Studies, o.p.s. is to create space for discussion regarding the roles and positions of women and men in society, to promote tolerance for unconventional lifestyles and to systematically eliminate gender inequalities. In order to achieve these goals we promote changes in the following areas:

Eliminating gender stereotypes in society:

· breaking stereotypical views of gender roles in the areas of work, family, and education (both at school and in the family)

· gender-sensitive representation of men and women in the media

· reinforcing the freedom of women to make decisions about their own lives

Eliminating gender stereotypes in child rearing and in education

· implementing gender-sensitive practices in education of children and youth

· reducing the effect of gender stereotypes on career choices

· supporting women in entering traditionally male occupations and vice versa

· supporting life-long personal development and the development of creative talents and skills in all life stages including the periods of parental and maternity leave

Breaking gender stereotypes in the family

· eliminating discrimination of parents and persons caring for dependents

· establishing equal conditions for fathers and mothers on "maternity leave"

· supporting active fatherhood

· supporting gay and lesbian couples in parenting

· promoting various forms of partnership including marriage and registered partnership as equally valuable

A labor market free of gender-based and age-based discrimination

· non-discriminatory hiring practices

· equal pay for equal work

· equal career growth opportunities for men and women regardless of age

· equal opportunities on the labor market regardless of gender and age

· dignified pensions not reduced by years spent on parental leave

· eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace

Supporting a work-life balance

· promoting “flexi—security": developing flexible work arrangements (part-time, shared, tele-commuting and work-from-home contracts) and securing essential social rights and benefits

· support and development of childcare institutions (nurseries, kindergartens) and alternative forms of childcare

· breaking stereotypical views of gender roles in the workplace, family and in the household

· supporting work-life balance arrangements on the part of employers as well as employees

Greater representation of women in decision-making processes

Stopping violence against women

· zero tolerance of domestic violence, sexual harassment, abuse of and trafficking in people

Promoting the right to bodily integrity (making decisions about one’s own body)

· securing women’s right to free decision-making about maternity and assisted reproduction

· promoting respect for female and male bodies

· calling into question images of ideal female and male body types

Edited: 23.1.18 17:42Linda Sokačová