Organization management:


Bc. Helena Skálová [] Director, Manager for Cooperation with the Public Administration

Helena graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University where she specialized in humanities with focus on gender and non-profit organizations. In 2006 she joined Gender Studies. Among other things, Helena has been leading a project called “At the Crossroads between Work and Personal Life: Opportunities and Barriers and has worked as an editor in the journal newsletter editor of the journal “Rovné příležitosti do firem” (Equal Opportunities in Businesses). She specializes in the area of promoting equal opportunities for women and men and work-life balance in the public administration. She also participates in gender audits and educational activities at state and local governments and involves in the award “Office of the Year - Respecting Equal Opportunities”. She is a member of the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (RVRP), a member of the Committee on Institutional Security of Equal Opportunities of RVRP and a member of the executive committee of the Czech Women's Lobby.

Mgr. Lada Wichterlová [] Manager for Public Work

Lada studied Czech Literature at the Silesian University in Opava and Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague. In 1998 she joined Gender Studies to work as a librarian and worked as the head of the library until 2003. She was involved in fundraising and development of the library and she initiated the implementation and translation of a suitable thesaurus. In addition Lada worked as the Czech coordinator to the European REWIND Net Project (Network of Women's Information and Documentation Centres) and participated in GS publication projects (Alice and Charlotta Masaryk, Bertha von Suttner). Currently, Lada has focused in gender aspects to the family policy and pension scheme, is a manager to the project on Pension Reform from Gender Perspective. She also runs the GS Public Work section which specializes in groups in danger of discrimination, is a member of the Committee for the Reconciliation of Professional, Private and Family Life (RVRP) and of the Committee for Family Policy of the Prague City Council.



Mgr. Anna Kotková [anna.kotkova(@)] PR Manager
Anna graduated from journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University and Ethnology and Jewish Studies at Faculty of Arts at the same university. She worked as an editor at the gitA gender press agency where she specialized in Middle East, minorities and migration. She has been with Gender Studies since 2010, first as office manager and project coordinator, from 2012 as a PR manager.
Areas of interest: gender and media, gender and development cooperation, women in Judaism.


Markéta Štěpánová [marketa.stepanova(@)] Project Manager

Markéta graduated from the Professional School of Library and Information Studies. She has had various jobs in Gender Studies since 2005. She coordinated the following projects: Through Our Eyes: Romani Women in the Czech Republic and Family Friendly Places and for several years she worked as an assistant accountant. Currently she works as a project coordinator for Promoting employment and self-employment of women in traditional Muslim communities living in the Czech Republic and occasionally in the library.

Areas of interest: family policy, sexual violence, social policy and gender-specific impacts of gender policy


PhDr. Mgr. Josef Vošmik [josef.vosmik(@)] Specialist for the cooperation with employers

Josef joined Gender Studies in 2015 as a specialist for the cooperation with employers. He also coordinates the contest “Company of the Year: Equal Opportunities”. He achieved master´s degree in Social Work and later in Public and Social Policy, both at the Charles University in Prague. He is still a student of the doctoral programme in Applied Ethics at the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University where he specializes in ethical perspective of gender issues. Up to now he has worked in the public as well as nonprofit and for-profit sectors, especially in administration and coordination of the projects financed through the European Social Fund, but also training, gender issues and services for children in institutional care.

Areas of interest: gender studies, social policy and employment, applied ethics


Board of Directors:
•    PhDr. Jiřina Šiklová, CSc
•    Marie Noe
•    Petra Štolgrová Jedličková
Board of Supervisors:

PhDr. Eliška Janšová, PhDr. Hana Maříková, Mgr. Zuzana Uhde, Ph.D.


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