Networks of Cooperation

Gender Studies, o.p.s. is a member of the following networks and organisations:

KARAT Coalition

KARAT Coalition is a network of women's non-governmental organisations from Central and Eastern Europe that was founded in Warsaw in 1997. Karat supports cooperation between women's organisations which often face similar problems and deal with identical issues in the post-communist region. It promotes equality between women and men and participates in political processes aimed at improving women's position at the national and international level, especially via UN. The Coalition represented women's organisations of Central and Eastern Europe in the so-called Beijing + 10 process - revision of the Platform for Action, a document agreed on the 4th world conference about women in Beijing.

Association for Equal Opportunities (Asociace pro rovné příležitosti)

The Association is made up of non-governmental non-profit organisations founded after 1989 in Czechoslovakia. Its concerns are various aspects relating to equality between women and men in society. Its main goal is to participate actively in defining conditions for equal opportunities for women and men in all aspects of public and professional life. The Association primarily works on the exchange and dissemination of information among its member organisations and central institutions, in addition to lobbying and organizing seminars and discussions for its members. AEO also regularly comments on the document entitled Priorities and Procedures of the Government in Promotion of Equality of Men and Women.

European Women's Lobby

European Women's Lobby (EWL) is an organisation coordinating activities of more than 4000 national and European women's organisations in the 25 member countries of the European Union. The aim of EWL is to reach equality between women and men in Europe and perform the role of a link between political representation and women's organisations at the EU level.

Czech Women´s Lobby (Česká ženská lobby)

Czech Women’s Lobby (CWL) is a network of 32 non-profit organisations promoting women’s rights in the Czech Republic. It is also an active member of the European Women's Lobby (EWL) which is the largest umbrella of women’s organization in the European Union, intensively cooperating with EU institutions.

Czech Association for Oral History (Česká asociace orální historie)

A group founded in order to support and promote scientific research and projects using the method of oral history. 

FoRs - Czech Forum for Development Cooperation

A platform of Czech non-governmental non-profit organizations (NGOs) and other non-profit entities that are involved in development cooperation, development education and humanitarian aid. Gender Studies has a member in its work group for gender issues.

Gender Expert Chamber of the Czech Republic (GEK)

An umbrella platform providing clarity and transparency to gender expertise in the Czech Republic. GEK also advocates for the inclusion of the gender dimension and expertise in relevant agendas of the state and public and private institutions.


WINE is a network of European women's information centres, libraries and archives. It was founded in 1995. WINE focuses particularly on education and training; synergy in functioning and mutual support of women's information centres, libraries and archives of university departments of gender studies, and on the organisation of conferences and seminars for information specialists working in the issue. WINE aspires to fulfill the representative function in relation to the European Commission programmes that support information and documentation services in the area of gender issues.

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